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What to Expect on Your First visit to your Chiropractor

   Many patients that come in to see us have never seen a Chiropractor before.  For these patients we understand you may be a little nervous, you may have some questions, and it all may seem very new to you.  We've created this page to shed a little light on what it is we do, and what you can expect from us as your Doctors.

  As you come in to our waiting you, you'll be greeted at the front desk.  Please feel free to make yourself comfortable in our waiting room.  We will first make copies of your insurance information, or otherwise discuss the method of payment.  Your doctor will then give you a few forms to fill out, these will cover basic contact information, a short history of any previous accidents, previous episodes of back or neck pain etc.

  You will then be shown to an examination room, where the Doctor will give you a brief interview, reviewing your paperwork, and asking questions to help make the best diagnosis.  After completing the interview,  the doctor will perform a physical exam.  Depending on your condition, the examination may or include orthopedic, neurologic, and functional tests.  Given your particular condition, or injury, the exam may or may not include X-rays, or other diagnostic tests.  Please feel free during the exam to ask any questions, and discuss concerns you may have with our doctors.

    Many patients will ask what they should wear for their first visit.  Depending on the area examined, the examination may or may not require gowning.  It is important to us that your modesty be respected, and we will take efforts to assure your comfort.  Many women feel more comfortable wearing a sports bra or tank top, and are encouraged to wear whatever they find comfortable, though gowning is rarely required, unless for example, applyng Kinesiotape to the back or shoulders.  If you would feel more comfortable having a friend or family member attend you on your first visit, you are invited to do so.

   After completing the examination, your doctor will develop a diagnosis or diagnoses, and make a determination of whether you are a candidate for Chiropractic care.  We find that the majority of patients who come to see us are excellent candidates for Chiropractic care, though there is a minority who we may feel it necessary to co-manage with another Doctor, or refer out to a Specialist for further diagnostic work.

  If you are a candidate for Chiropractic care, the treatment may consist of Chiropractic adjustments, stretching, stabilization or dynamic exercises, as well as instructions for at home exercises you can do to support the work we do in the office.  Additionally, there may be ice or heat applied preparatory to the adjustment to relieve some of your symptoms or to make the tissue more receptive to the adjustment.

  Whatever your situation, we hope you will be confident that our care places your comfort and health first, and we encourage you to feel free to ask any questions you may have.  Our Practitioners have a wealth of knowledge, and are eager to motivate as well as educate our patients.

We look forward to working with you!

- Dr. Ian Congdon and North Seattle Chiropractic


We are located in the Northgate Professional Center, less than two blocks from the Northgate Transit Center, Thornton Place Apartments, and across the street from the Northgate Mall Parking lot on 5th Ave NE.

We are proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente/Group Health, Aetna, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Washington Labor and Industries, American Specialty Health (ASH), and most other Insurers.