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Olympic Chiropractic & Spine Fitness - What is Chiropractic?

  Chiropractic is the practice of Physical Medicine, using the Chiropractic Adjustment, Soft Tissue Treatments, Exercise, Rehabilitation, Ergonomics and Nutrition to restore and maintain your health.  Chiropractic embodies the belief that we all have the innate ability to live a healthy life by maintaining a Sound Body and Mind without reliance on external inputs (medications, etc.)

  Chiropractic is also founded on the belief that structure supports function vice versa,  that anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics are interwoven disciplines, and that understanding their interrelation helps to define our purpose and our methods as chiropractors, and ultimately help us to deliver exceptional care to our patients.

  Most importantly, Chiropractic is founded on the idea that a healthy nervous system nourishes a healthy body, and that reducing irritation of the nervous system at the level of a vertebral segment can reduce pain and improve the health of the body as a whole.

  While the roots of this philosophy are age old, in practice we've constantly strived to integrate the advances in Science and Medicine since Chiropractic's founding, over 110 years ago.  Modern Chiropractic can employ diagnostic X-ray, Cold Laser therapy, and the latest techniques in rehabilitation, soft tissue work, exercise, conditioning, and ergonomics.  At Washington Chiropractic we have three Practitioner, each with their own set of skills, all unified in their commitment to your care. 

   Whether your goal is pain relief, stress relief, ergonomics, nutrition, or exercise conditioning, Dr's Baty, Nelson, and Congdon can create a program appropriate to your needs and help you get out of pain and reach your potential.

We are located in the Northgate Professional Center, less than two blocks from the Northgate Transit Center, Thornton Place Apartments, and across the street from the Northgate Mall Parking lot on 5th Ave NE.

We are proud to partner with Kaiser Permanente/Group Health, Aetna, Cigna, Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Washington Labor and Industries, American Specialty Health (ASH), and most other Insurers.